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Farmote is a smart, innovative pasture monitoring system that combines satellite-based multispectral technology with accurate on-ground Motes to take the guesswork out of pasture and grazing management.


Solar Powered




Easy To Install


Accurate Monitoring


Designed For Farm Use


Automatic Data Transfer

  • Integrated technology.
  • Less effort.
  • Increased profits.

Integrated technology.

How the Farmote System works

The Farmote System works by collecting data from remote monitoring devices called ‘Motes’ installed at selected locations throughout your paddocks. The sensors contained within the Motes capture pasture measurements and soil conditions that are cross-referenced with multispectral images taken by satellites, and then uploaded to our website. By harnessing the latest technology in remote monitoring, you can make the right decisions that will boost your farm’s performance.


Less effort.

Saving your time

Efficiently running a farm takes a lot of time and effort. The Farmote System is easy to install and set up, and will save you precious time better spent running other aspects of your farm. Up-to-date pasture data is delivered directly to your computer and smart-phone through our mobile-friendly website, saving you time and effort. With accurate daily data, you can quickly make informed decisions to improve your pasture performance.


Increased profits.

How you benefit

Farmote Systems helps you increase productivity and drive profitability by making your farm more efficient and effective. Making the correct decisions at the right time is critical – the Farmote System provides precise pasture data, allowing you to make the best decisions possible for your farm.

Profit from farm-wide technology
Farmote System’s revolutionary combination of data from satellites in space and Motes on the ground, provides precise daily pasture measurements and invaluable insights through a mobile-friendly web platform. It cross-references pasture growth data collected daily, using accurate remote monitoring devices in your paddocks, with multispectral images taken by satellites. Critical, up-to-date information is then uploaded for you to access online, wherever you are, at any time. This all adds up to increased efficiency and productivity through good decision-making at the right time, leading to the ultimate goal of greater profitability.
Digital map
1: Digital Map

The Farmote System begins with a precise digital map of your entire farm

Digital map
2: Paddock Boundaries

Boundaries of all paddocks are drawn, and Motes are installed at optimal locations across the farm

Digital map
3: Multispectral Imagery

Every day, data is collected from the Motes and combined with the latest multispectral satellite images

Digital map
4: Critical Pasture Data

You receive precise daily pasture mass measurements for each paddock through the mobile-friendly website

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Our Team
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Richard Barton
Founder & Managing Director

Richard is responsible for the physical form and function of our products. An engineer turned entrepreneur, he worked in the pharmaceutical machinery sector in the UK before returning to New Zealand to setup Farmote Systems. Richard has over fifteen years of experience in designing, prototyping and testing a wide range of healthcare, consumer, and industrial products as well as being the Engineering Director at ChargePoint Technology for 7 years

Digital map
Ram Manthry
Web Application Technical Lead

Ram is a veteran developer and is in charge of the web application and database. Ram has over ten years of experience in programming and application development working at companies such as TradeMe and Xero where he was responsible for leading teams of developers to deliver cutting edge projects. Ram is a graduate of Auckland University of Technology and holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Computer and Information Systems.

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Olivia Shinn
Sales and Marketing Executive

Olivia has always had a passion for the agriculture sector, this led her to study at Lincoln University in 2017 and attain a Bachelor of Commerce (Agriculture). She has also had practical experience working on a dairy farm, barley breeding facility and yearling preparer, which has allowed her to gain a better understanding on farm systems and allowed her to gain a good knowledge base. After Finishing her studies, Olivia worked at Farmlands as a salesperson before starting her career at Farmote systems.

Digital map
Ricardo Rauber
Senior Full-Stack Developer

Ricardo is originally from Brazil and in 2015 moved to New Zealand with his wife. Ricardo started his professional life young, working in infrastructure. Then later migrated to software engineering because he is passionate about building and delivering quality software that scales at cloud speed and makes users happy. Ricardo has had over 15 years of experience as a software developer and has worked with ecommerce and financial companies. Ricardo has met a lot of professional people during his career which has allowed him to learn from the best and has provided a foundation to get into software engineering.

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